TSA/B series steel truck scale

◆ Capacity:20t~150t

◆ Size:3x6m,3x7m,3x8m,3x9m,3x12m,3x16m,3x18m,3x21m,3x24m 

◆ Load cells: Keli or Zemic Loadcells, Indicator: Yaohua A9 or customized

◆ Colour: Black,Grey,Blue or customized

◆ Loading:3 sets of 3x18m can be placed in one 40ft container

1. Specification:

truck scale drawing.jpg

◆ Thickness of smooth plate: 8mm thick checker plate or 10mm thick smooth plate

◆ Weighing Capacity: 20T-150T

◆ Structure: 300mm high U beam 6 pcs, 2 pcs C channel

◆ Loadcell: With ZEMIC HM9B,KELI QS or KELI ZSFY load cells

◆ Indicator: With Yaohua A9 indicator or others

◆ Painting: All the scale body are bead blast and we use the same paint as Metler 

◆ Safe Overload: 150%

◆ All the screws and tools used for installation has been included


2. Scale Parts:

◆ Optional in platform size, Max. Cap. 

◆ Optional in other brand's load cells, indicator.

◆ Optional RS232 interface

◆ Optional ramps or rails.

◆ Optional big screen.

◆ Optional extra printer

◆ Optional software

◆ Optional computer

◆ Optional double shielded cable

scale parts.jpg

3. Pit and Pitless:

Our Weighbridge can be maken both pit and pitless.

◆ Pitless structure: 

   No need to do foundation,needs to use ramps.

   It needs spacious space.It's easy to instal and maintain

◆ Shallow foundation pit:

   Needs to do foundation.No need ramps.

   If you have no enough space,you can use pit structure.


4. Workshop:


5. Deliver Goods:


6. Our Case:


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