WP Series Plastic Waterproof Scale


◆ IP68 Certified by SGS

◆ Sealed waterproof silica gel strip blocks water from infiltrating into the scale.

◆ 1/3,000-1/ 6,000 display resolution available

◆ Double side LED display

◆ Pan size: 201.5*232mm

◆ Power : AC100V~240V + DC 6V/4Ah rechareable battery

◆ Stainless steel housing and platter for anti-rust. 

◆ Selectable units: Kilogram (kg), gram (g), ounce (oz), and pound (lb) weighing units available.

◆ Low power indication and auto power off.

◆Well-designed protection point for transportation.

◆Rechargeable battery, charger, load cell, and displaying parts are at fully-sealed design.

desk scale.jpg

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